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Process Automation and Improvement

SAPIT has Desktop Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and also works with standard RPA software, like Intelligent RPA (IRPA) . RPA is a powerful tool to connect systems and transfer data without interfering with the way they work internally, greatly reducing effort to code and test. It can be used to eliminate human/manual touchpoints in a business process. SAPIT also offers RPA Enablement - a one week workshop which can be delivered remotely and introduce a team of business users and IT specialists to this exciting technology to give you "quick wins" and make immediate impact.

SAPIT process experts are senior or platinum level with an average of twenty (20) years experience delivering lasting improvements and competitive advantages. They are familiar with Best Practices and Industry Standards. They understand business and bridge the gap between business and IT to develop best-in-class solutions that drive your success. We want to empower our customers to get better and become world-class, so when you call us back, you do so because we add value and do not take ownership or responsibility away from your organization!

We offer workshops about RPA and other topics. Please see the SAPIT Store or use the Contact Us page for more information.

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