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Digital ERP Assessment

Call for pricing.

Six week workshop and consulting program. Intended for Management, Business and IT, joint and separate sessions. We will analyze your current landscape of enterprise applications and business capabilities ("EABC"), using a SAPIT proprietary methodology in addition to tools provided by software vendors. We will not just look at current needs, but also what you need in 3-5 years. The program offers a holistic view and delivers a Roadmap, High Level Project Plan and Budget for you to take on the Digital Transformation journey. We also give you the necessary guidance to make it a success and introduce you to the "tools of the trade." 100% remote delivery possible. Pricing is fixed fee for the six weeks, but varies with customer complexity. Downloadable brochure in "Brochures/Whitepapers" subpage.


RPA Enablement

See Products page for pricing.

One week workshop (4 days). Intended for Business Experts and IT, joint and separate sessions. Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and IRPA (Intelligent RPA). How to leverage this technology for your Business. Develop 2-3 use cases specifically for your company! Typical attendance 10-15 people, but we don't limit you. 100% remote delivery. Downloadable brochure in "Brochures/ Whitepapers" subpage. Can be ordered from the "Software/Products" page.


Project Health Check and Alignment

See Products page for pricing.

1. Preventive project care is a recurring PMO, steering committee or general support for your project. A "Mission Co-Pilot" will help to keep things on track!

2. Project Health Checks and scorecarding can be ordered as a one-time or on-going service.

3. Project realignment. We fix projects! If it's stuck in Integration Test, can't get UAT signoff or you went live and are experiencing an "exciting" hyper care: call us. We'll get it straight!

Downloadable brochure in the "Brochures/ Whitepapers" page. The preventive services (1., 2.) can be ordered from the "Products" page. A contract (SOW) is needed for realignment services (3.).

Executive Coaching

See Products page for pricing.

1. CEO, CIO/CDO, CFO, COO, VP's and Directors.

2. Digital Transformation advisory.  

3a. Hourly fee is good for up to 75 minutes impromptu discussion OR 

3b. Hourly fee covers 15-30 minutes preparation and 45 minutes discussion

Resource Screening

See Products page for pricing.

One of the best preventive measures: make sure they are who they claim to be and they did what they claim they've done!

Fixed fee covers resume/skills analysis, technical screen, behavioral screen, reference checks and results review.

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